Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trespass Offering Box???

"Let the members of every family begin to work over against their own house. Let them humble themselves before God. It would be well to have a trespass offering box in sight, and a rule, to which all the household are agreed, that whoever speaks unkindly of another or speaks passionate words, shall drop therein a trespass offering of not less than ten cents [equivalent to about $3.10 today!]. In this way all would be on their guard against these wicked words, which do harm to their brethren, and much more to themselves. No man can of himself tame that unruly member, the tongue; but if you come to God with contrite hearts in humble supplication, in faith, He will do the work for you. By the help of God you must bridle your tongue; talk less, and pray more." {15MR 183}

I came across this quote while doing my sanctuary study recently, and it quite intrigued me! Does anybody actually do this??? I don't know of a single family who follows this practice. I wonder why... Have you ever heard of this idea of a "trespass offering box," or do you/your family have one? I'm actually thinking of making one myself...

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