Monday, October 12, 2015

He Knew

When God brought Israel out of Egypt, He did so knowing that they would want to go back to their fleshpots, etc.

In a similar way, God is working with me, helping me to walk away from and turn my back on the sinful habits and pleasures in my own life, knowing that at some points during the journey I will complain and balk and want to go back.

It's part of the withdrawal process (sin is an addiction), and He knows that, and He's prepared for it. He won't give up on me and leave me to what I think I want (things which will hurt me and tarnish me).

He might let me taste those things again (like the quail in the desert), just to remind me why it's bad for me and why I'm walking away from it.

And then He'll keep on leading me out, away from sinful Egypt and towards the "land of promise," where "all nations" will know that He is my God, and I am His daughter. <3