Saturday, January 3, 2015

Come and See!

            The little girl was nearly bubbling over with exuberance. “Come and see, Daddy,” she insisted, tugging at her father’s sleeve. “Come and see what I found!” Her joy is contagious.
            . . .
            Startled passersby on the dusty road move aside for the speeding man in long traditional robes.  He sprints past them, grinning from ear to ear. What good news does he carry? they all wonder. Careening around the next bend, he spots his brother and the news tumbles out: “Simon, Simon! We have found the Messiah! Come and see!”
            . . .
            Philip simply couldn’t wait for an “appropriate time” to share his news. He tramped through the dense foliage to the secret hideaway where he knew his friend was praying. Ditching formalities, he interrupted without apology. “We have found him of whom Moses, in the law and the prophets, did write—Jesus of Nazareth. . . . Come and see!”
            . . .
            Joy must be shared. It’s a natural reaction. If we’ve found something good or exciting, we want to tell someone! Even John the Baptist, when He first set eyes on Jesus, forgot the rest of his sermon in his excitement. “Suddenly…his eye kindled, his face was lighted up, his whole being was stirred with deep emotion. With outstretched hands,” he announced the presence of the long-promised One—the Messiah. DA 135
            “With the calling of John and Andrew and Simon, of Philip and Nathanael, began the foundation of the Christian church. John directed two of his disciples to Christ. Then one of these, Andrew, found his brother, and called him to the Savior. Philip was then called, and he went in search of Nathanael. These examples should teach us the importance of personal effort, of making direct appeals to our kindred, friends, and neighbors.” DA 141
            When Christ starts working in our lives, when we start to see Jesus for who He really is, when we really start to realize the amazing depth of His love for us, we won’t be able to keep it to ourselves! “No sooner is one converted than there is born within him a desire to make known to others what a precious friend he has found in Jesus. The saving and sanctifying truth cannot be shut up in his heart.” DA 141
            The Bible itself ends with an invitation to “come”—“And the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let him that heareth say, ‘Come.’ And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

            Who have you invited?